Tutorial: How to draw a dreamy little girl!

Today, I teach you how to make a pretty dreamy little girl very simply! For this tutorial, a printer sheet and a lead pencil will do!

Let's go!

So what did you think of those 15 minutes? Are you surprised at what can be done in such a short time? As I told you in the video, drawing can really become very simple when you follow the steps.

I can't tell you enough: the important thing is to have regular practice and to draw frequently!

My advice: Give yourself small challenges every day of 5 to 10 minutes, even if it's only a few times a week, you will quickly see a real difference in your drawings.

If you want to get started now and receive even more tutorials of this kind, know that my magazine Evasion Dessin offers you several written drawing tutorials every month that will be perfect for getting you to practice in a regularly, without having to spend hours looking for content, and to take action directly! Click here to discover all that it can offer you!


Lucie Leblanc

J’ai bien aimé ce tutoriel. Merci beaucoup 🥰

schumacher aline

J’ai bien aimé ce petit tutoriel…. il y a encore beaucoup de chemin à parcourir.


Super beau dessin ,cela parait que ce n’est pas le premier visage que vous faites.Btavo


Merci!! C’est super le fun et facile à suivre :D


Merci Florence. Ce tutorel est fantastique et amusant à réaliser.

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