The Three Lands

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Author: Florence Morin

Three Earths takes place in a future world where three planets have been colonized by humans: Old Earth, where the most destitute have remained, Saluterra, the Land of Salvation which welcomed the first space travelers, and Renoven, a young world where the human race is trying to artificially build a utopian society. The Great State, the hyper-powerful government ruling these three worlds, grants itself more and more freedoms as its democratic rule gradually turns into dictatorship before the eyes of blind citizens. In parallel, an underground rebel group tries to thwart the rise to power of certain politicians of the Big State with harmful intentions. Captain Blaint and his crew, torn between their obligations to the ministry that employs them and their sense of justice, will have to take a stand in this galactic-scale conflict and fight for what they believe in.

Les Trois Terres, a literary series published by Serial Reader, will appeal to lovers of pure and hard science fiction. Download your first free episode .