Introductory Portraiture Course

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A 100% Quebec drawing class! An online art course, to do from home!

The intensive portrait drawing program for

  • Learn to draw a face
  • Draw a realistic portrait
  • Make pencil portraits

Expect to

  • Solidify your basic techniques
  • Drastically improve your results
  • Add multiple projects to your portfolio

The format of the program is created to allow you an easy, motivating and tailor-made journey

  • Video lessons, followed at your own pace
  • Feedback on your work

What does it include?

Seven lessons on the fundamentals of portraiture (pre-recorded)

Classes explore a technical aspect of portraiture with demonstrations and exercises that you can do the exercises at the same time. Courses are available for viewing at any time.

  • How to draw a face without errors of proportion
  • Draw a living look
  • How to make a realistic mouth
  • How to draw a nose with gradients
  • And more

Technical notions of lead drawing:

  • Chapter 1: Hardware Demonstrated and Explained
  • Chapter 2 : Techniques for drawing straight lines and segments
  • ​Chapter 3: How to make round circles
  • ​Chapter 4: Creative practices of various geometric shapes in different mediums
  • Chapter 5: Pencil Techniques for Solid Areas and Silky Gradients
  • ​Chapter 6: Understanding and Representing Light and Shadow on Objects
  • ​Chapter 7: Criteria for making a good reference choice
  • Chapter 8: How to Apply These Techniques to Portraiture and Wildlife Art

Portrait Basics - Chapter 1: Facial Proportions:

  • Understand the technique so that your faces have an IMPECCABLE structure
  • Exercise of robot portraits to integrate the technique
  • Examination of proportions to self-assess yourself

Fundamentals of portraiture - Chapter 2: The gaze:

  • The characteristics of a quick eye full of life
  • A challenge of 5 minutes a day to achieve the eyes in a week
  • Realistic eye project

Fundamentals of Portraiture - Chapter 3: The Nose:

  • Learn simple tricks to make a successful nose every time
  • ​How to sculpt volumes rather than making lines
  • Fast noses and realistic noses galore

Fundamentals of portraiture - Chapter 4: the mouth:

  • The steps to make a delicate mouth
  • Understand the mouth in different angles
  • The texture of the lips

Foundations of the portrait - Chapter 5: bank of practices:

  • Project 1: Front sketch without reference. Practice basic technique.
  • Project 2: Little girl. Use the technique with a photo.
  • Project 3: The Blonde Lady. Practice an older model.
  • Project 4: Master Class - Smiling Woman, with rendering.

Pedagogical follow-up

Printable exercise and reference sheets:

  • Pages accompanying the videos
  • Exercises chosen to target the techniques to be reinforced
  • Concise explanations, segmented by step
  • ​High resolution images of the references used

Exclusive student community

  • Share your drawings in the Facebook group
  • Connect with other enthusiasts
  • Find advice and encouragement

Technical support seven days a week

  • Customer service 7 days a week
  • ​Don't get lost , ask for help!
  • Find your password , connect your devices, etc.
  • Ask for advice on your purchases

FREE BONUS 1: Complementary Practices - Sketch Missions

  • 3 small challenges of 20 min to practice
  • Apply your new skills with real projects
  • Beginner level to start gently
  • ​Touches different art themes like nature and animals

FREE BONUS 2: Portrait Notebook - models to shade or color

  • Ten portraits in contour lines only
  • ​Print at home
  • Practice the gradient techniques taught without worrying about proportions
  • Study light and shadow in a portrait


  • Send your drawings
  • Receive a comment
  • Know immediately what to practice first
  • Improve quickly !