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Imagine your designs come to life with vibrant colors and glowing light!

Colored pencils are a medium that achieves this satisfying result. But they require good technique and a bit of practice!

The new colored pencils module will teach you how to color vibrant and impressive works.

You will discover:

  • When it is better to choose Polychromos (Fabercastel) or Premiers (Prismacolor)
  • How to make beautiful blends of rich colors
  • Give the impression of reflections or bright lights
  • How to make a beautiful finish with interesting textures
  • What equipment to use for best results

Demonstrations and basic techniques are taught in the introduction to this module (1 hour).

The more applied technical notions are taught through three large projects, which cover subjects of interest: nature, portraiture and animals.

Project 1: The snail (3h)

This project will teach you:

  • Wet or shiny textures
  • The use of tinted papers

Project 2: A face (3h)

This project will teach you:

  • skin colors
  • hair texture
  • The detail of the lines in color
  • The work of a neutral background
  • Use of more fibrous paper

Project 3: A cat (3h)

This project will teach you:

  • Hairs
  • animal eyes
  • Complex color palettes even in more neutral hues
  • The use of solvent

In short

A colorful module that will allow you to add three complete works to your album, while making you understand color principles that you can apply to many other projects!


Given the level of this module, it is recommended that you have already taken the Portrait 1 or Animal 1 course, as the projects do not re-explain the basics of human proportions. They really put the emphasis on color!


A recommendation of material is provided with the purchase of the module, plan an additional budget of at least $50 if you are not at all equipped with pencils.

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