Summer Sketching Course: 30 days of drawing

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This course is in the form of a challenge made to help you improve your sketches in just 30 days while enjoying the beautiful weather, away from the screens!
Of course, you have the right to take more than 30 days if you wish!

Each day of the summer, your printable guide (or its associated video) will offer you a drawing assignment that you can complete in your sketchbook.

The drawing program will allow you to learn:
  • How to be diligent and draw often, but not for long!
  • ​How to represent a drawing well by going to the essentials without being too precise
  • ​How to develop a pencil (or ink) style
  • How to learn in a structured way so that the difficulty is progressive

Through 30 guided drawing missions, the course-challenge will introduce you to several techniques and give you the rigor to practice. The challenge can be done completely screen-free with just the printable how-to guide, or by following the many video resources available.

Six major THEMES, thirty summer references:

  • The sea: fish, shellfish, seahorse, starfish, sea turtle
  • The forest: berries, mushrooms, butterflies, snails, ferns
  • Illustrated animals: hedgehog, squirrel and fox
  • ​Birds: a warbler, a blue bird, the cardinal, a chickadee, a macaw, an owl
  • ​Floral and vegetal: a rose, a leafy plant, anthurium, monserrat, lotus
  • ​Urban sketch : green alley and shaded street

What does it include?

  • Printable guide to the challenge - references, steps and results
    • A 35-page printable notebook that guides you through each mission
    • ​Clear visual with the references and results of each sketch
    • Six intermediate steps per sketch for how to do it
    • ​Ideal for taking outside and sketching away from the screen​

  • Pre-recorded videos of the sketches:
    • 30 pre-recorded drawing sketch videos of 15 to 45 minutes each
    • ​Perfect for those who like more explanation and want reassurance
    • ​Classified by level and duration to facilitate your learning
    • Downloadable videos to be used without internet
    • ​Works on all devices
    • ​Stored on your member area accessible for life

  • Comments on your drawings:
    • Participate in the Facebook group to share your drawings and see those of others
    • Write to us on Messenger to send us your drawings
    • Get feedback from the teacher
    • ​Ideal for getting constructive feedback
    • ​Ideal for connecting with other drawing enthusiasts

  • Technical support 7 days a week: Our team is there for you if you experience the slightest technical difficulty. Transitioning online can be a challenge for everyone and you are not left to your own devices!