Portrait notebook - Practice of realistic renderings

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Do you want to practice your realistic effects on faces?

What's worse than spending hours looking for references when all you want is to start drawing?!

This superb notebook containing 50 portrait references and their ready-to-use drawn lines is the perfect solution to improve your understanding of shadow and light and practice realism in lead pencil or color!

They will help you acquire a keen sense of observation through a study of various views such as close-ups of the face, but also some of the whole body.


Your learning possibilities are amazing with this artist tool:


🤩 Use the contour lines provided to practice realistic shading
🤩 Practice the proportions thanks to quality references selected by a professional artist
🤩 Have fun coloring portraits for fun and play with new mediums (color, pastel)

What you get with this notebook:

  • 50 photo references of portraits of all genders, ages, nationalities and angles!
  • Just as many contour lines on which you can draw directly
  • High resolution photos included to download and see details in large
  • Included digital version of contour lines to redo them a second or third time
  • Short analysis of each reference to know the challenges that await you


Your physical copy is available in two versions to choose from:

  • Black and white: perfect for pencil and charcoal enthusiasts who are not interested in color
  • Color: ideal for advanced artists who want to vary the mediums

Note that regardless of the version, the reference numbers included are in color!

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