Fundamentals of animal art course

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The animal drawing program that will allow you to:

  • Draw your pets
  • Draw proper contour lines and good proportions
  • Develop techniques for realistic rendering
  • Develop your style

The format of the program is created to allow you an easy, motivating and tailor-made path

  • Video lessons, followed at your own pace
  • Feedback on your work

What does it include?

Lead Wild Animals Profile:

  • Project 1: Close-up of a cougar's face: Learn techniques for drawing an animal's face in slightly three-quarter view.
  • Project 2: Realistic Style Bear: Highlighting the realism of an animal through lead techniques.
  • Project 3: Animal illustrated style (giraffe): How to illustrate an animal by simplifying its features. Ink and watercolour.
  • Project 4: Full body leopard: Learn how to draw the body of an animal in motion to bring it to life.
  • Master Class: Caribou in Its Environment: Learn how to compose an animal and background with the right level of detail, texture and contrast.

Techniques specific to animal art:

(These chapters are pre-recorded) Basic techniques and tips applied to animal drawing that will greatly improve the rendering of your drawings (textures, living eyes, and more!)

  • Face proportions: cats, dogs, deer
  • Short hairs: Representation technique
  • Long hairs: Representation technique
  • Light on hair: Do a light and shadow analysis
  • Wet Eyes and Nose: Bringing the Drawing to Life
  • Postures: Various movements and postures
  • Three quarter view of animals

5 practical projects:

(These chapters are pre-recorded) You will learn how to proportion your animals, draw interesting and varied postures, work on your style, develop basic textures.

  • The kitten
  • Fox
  • The parrot
  • The puppy
  • Animal artwork in color (watercolor): The Kingfisher

FREE BONUS 1 : The digital version of the geometric animals coloring box. This set brings together animal faces (geometric style - outline lines only) ready to print.

FREE BONUS 2 : $100 discount coupon on the advanced pack, which gives you two advanced animal art modules.

FREE BONUS 3 : Constructive feedback on your drawings. Submit your drawing to receive a review!

But also..

An exclusive community of students

  • Share your drawings in the Facebook group
  • Connect with other enthusiasts
  • Find advice and encouragement

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