Eye challenge - summary

Challenge 1: How to draw the complex eye shape

And yes, drawing an eye is a great challenge because it is made up of many parts that must be represented with precision! Thanks to this first challenge, discover a few simple steps so that the complex shape of the eye no longer holds any secrets for you! :)

Challenge 2: Tips for charming eyelashes

Thanks to this second challenge, I show you how to make pretty eyelashes, for the most charming look! The eyelashes will allow you to bring depth to the look of the character you are drawing! Do not miss these effective tips!

Challenge 3: A practical exercise for delicate eye lines

Third challenge! I show you how to draw beautiful, delicate lines through an easy-to-do hands-on exercise!

SO ? Are you inspired to draw more eyes?

Know that the eyes are considered to be one of the most important parts of the drawing face because they can express an incredible range of emotions and feelings, and being able to draw them with precision can really bring a character or a scene to life. stage. Mastering all the gaze techniques will really make a big difference in your drawings!

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He will teach you absolutely all the techniques and tricks you will need to bring even more realism to your drawings!

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I leave you here a little summary of the eyes: