What is a mini-portrait?

When we talk about drawing portraits, we immediately think of these huge, ultra-realistic portraits full of details! Certainly, we love them, and making them gives incredible satisfaction!

That said, there is also a practice that is less talked about, but which nevertheless has so many advantages! Especially when learning to draw! I am obviously talking about mini-portraits! 😇

Today I'm going to take a few moments to explain the benefits of mini-portraits to you and show you how much of a difference they really will make in your learning!

So, what does a mini-portrait consist of? 😏

As the name suggests, a mini-portrait is a small drawing of a person's head and shoulders that is often done on a small scale.

We'll use it to portray a person quickly and effectively, capturing the most striking features of their face and posture.

You can make mini-portraits with a variety of mediums, according to your desires, whether in lead pencil, ink, or even paint! The possibilities are so many!

Mini portraits are really perfect for beginners in drawing for several reasons;

✨Improve your observation skills: Mini-portraits are also useful to improve your observation skills. You will have to carefully observe the details of the face, such as the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth, to draw them correctly. This careful observation can help you develop your ability to see detail and nuance in faces, which is important for creating accurate portraits.

✨Less time to make By drawing mini-portraits , you will be able to draw more in less time, which will give you the opportunity to practice more often. And as I keep saying, practice is key to getting better ! Especially in drawing! The more you practice, the faster the improvements will come! This is also one of the principles of the rapid repetitions method!

✨More convenient! : Imagine yourself... You are walking in the park, and suddenly, the urge to draw is felt! Thanks to the mini-portraits, all you have to do is take out your little sketchbook and a pencil, and you're done! No need for a panoply of equipment, you can express your creativity at any time of the day, no matter where you are!

✨ Freedom of style : Finally, the mini-portraits will be really useful to help you develop your own artistic style , and build you a real identity as an artist! You can experiment with different drawing techniques and styles using miniature portraits as a backdrop.

✨Useful in a lot of circumstances : A mini-portrait can be an original and personalized little gift that could however make one of your loved ones very happy. Draw them into pretty cards or frame them! The possibilities of creative projects are really multiple with a little imagination.

If you also dream of making a mountain of mini-portraits and filling your future sketchbooks, click on the link below to discover my course dedicated to the practice of mini-portraits!

Personally, I never get tired of scribbling them in my sketchbook! It's really a way for me to relax at the end of the day and to express myself freely that I hope I can pass on to you too! 🥰

It's a really fun course that I developed as a challenge spread over 30 days! A simple but structured course that will make you very proud of your accomplishments!


Happy drawing everyone!

Florence xx

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