Tutorial: Easy summer sketch to make outdoors

The other time, I challenged myself to do a full portrait at the park next to my house! An experience that has deeply enriched my artistic life.

One of the things I remember from this experience is the feeling of feeling in complete harmony with the environment . The soothing sounds, the wind caressing my skin and the delicate scents clearly fueled my imagination and were a potential source of ideas and new artistic directions.

Working outdoors also gave me a great feeling of freedom and openness , without feeling all the physical constraints of a studio. This freedom has boosted my confidence as an artist and encouraged me to think outside the box to express my creative vision!

During this experience, I also had the chance to attract the attention of some curious passers-by, but also to engage in enriching conversations, to share artistic ideas or even to receive nice compliments on my work, which always a pleasure! :)

To make you enjoy the pleasures of drawing outside too, I have prepared a super simple little tutorial for you!

If you want to draw more sketches in this style, then I think my my course: 30 days, 30 summer sketches will please you a lot!

Through this course-challenge, I will explain to you how to make 30 natural sketches in less than 20 minutes each! I let you discover this course by clicking here!

So, ready to take your pencils out of your house? ;)

See you soon!

Florence xx

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Huguette Janssens

Bonjour Florence,
Merci pour ces beaux tutoriels. Ça semble si facile et encourageant
Malheureusement je ne prendrai pas celui de l’été, j’aime mieux pour l’instant travailler sur mon premier cours et ne pas trop m’éparpiller comme je fais d’habitude et ne rien finir ir car je suis très curieuse je veux tout savoir et ne rien manquer

Sur ce je te dis un énorme merci et en plus comme je suis curieuse je vais voir ceux des autres et j’aime les encourager par de bons commentaires
Alain pr🫠

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