Tutorial: Draw a cute character in just 10 minutes

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle that will be your character's face. Then, draw a very small neck under his head and a bust by making an oval. Below the bust, we will draw the hips with another oval. Then add small legs and arms. In this case, we imagine that he is sitting with his arms in the air. You now have the basic structure of your drawing!

2nd step

Then add small legs and widen your features, trying to make them the same length. To draw her skirt, create slight motions to represent the movement of the fabric. Then draw small ovals that correspond to his feet. The lines of the bottoms should not be too firm to create movement and to represent the fabric which is a little soft.

Step 3

Now let's make his arms. First draw a round neck above the bust and then small stems sticking out as arms. For the hands, simplify by drawing a little thumb to start. The two middle fingers are going to be glued together. Make sure the arms are the same length!

Step 4

For the head, start by making the circle a bit more pointed to represent the chin. For the eyes, simply draw semicircles, and for the nose, an inverted V. Then draw a nice big smile in the shape of an inverted D at 90 degrees. Then place the ears as two half circles at the same level as the mouth. The forehead is large and takes up more than half of the circle originally drawn for the head. In this case, you can draw a nice fringe and create a parting above the hair. Small hair will come out left and right.

And There you go ! Once everything is done, all you have to do is reinforce your lines and add a few details, like lace on the skirt, or small patterns on her stockings.


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