Tutorial: Draw a little boy and his puppy!

Today, I show you a simple little drawing that you can make in just 15 minutes: a boy and his puppy! It's an illustration drawing, so it will be quite simplified and the proportions will be less respected than on a more realistic drawing!

Start by drawing a circle that will represent the face of our little character. Note that his face is going to be tilted in this case. As he is holding a small dog in his arms, draw another circle close to his face. This will represent the head of the little dog. The baby boy's eyes will be level with the center line.

Then add the little boy's nose and a slight chin. Add a big smile that splits his face from left to right. For the puppy, draw a small circle that will represent its muzzle. His nose will be a kind of small triangle with an inverted V to represent his face. Draw big eyes on him (to give him a surprised look). His right eye will be closed and only his right eyebrows will appear in our drawing. The ears will be folded in on themselves and placed to the side.

For the face of the little boy, the eyes will be represented by small slightly curved lines which will be placed quite low. The eyebrows will be a bit slanted and quite tall as well. Add the ear on the right that we are going to exaggerate. Add her hair that will go down to her eyebrows.

Make way for the bodies of our little character and the puppy! Start by representing the two front legs of the dog using semicircles. The ends of the legs will be represented by small semicircles as well. The little boy's fingers will be represented by three kinds of very flattened circles on the left of the puppy. Then add the hind legs of the puppy.

The master's right arm will be very thin in our drawing. Add him his sweater, his pants, as well as small sneakers! All you have to do is add light shading to your drawing, especially at the level of the hair, and redefine the contours.

And There you go ! That's it!


Marie jo

Bonjour, merci, le dessin paraît tellement simple en vous suivant 🙂

Danielle Boudreault

Merci Florence pour cet exercice si bien expliqué. Je vais pratiquer😊


Merci pour ces petits dessins très sympathiques et surtout pour une marche à suivre très bien expliquée


Merci c’est très jolie. Je vais essayé de m’amuser avec ce petit bonhomme ?


Merci, c’était intéressant ! Ça fait poulbot des années 1975/80.

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