4 Tips for Drawing Quick Sketches This Summer

Today I reveal 4 tips for drawing quick sketches like the one below!

To pull off a sketch like this, finding a good reference is crucial! It will help your eye to develop observation, and your brain to anchor proportions! Working with many varied and quality references will allow you to practice more on a variety of themes and refine your understanding of shapes and shades, which will be reflected in the quality of your sketches!

Afterwards, there is a question of style.. Has it ever happened to you that your lines are in the right place but your sketch just looks bland?

In this case, you have to vary the thickness of the lines (which you can do with mechanical pencils of different sizes)...

… and you have to vary the intensity of the blacks (which you can do by increasing the pressure on your pencil!).

In any case, you must focus on the essentials! When doing a quick sketch, focus on the essentials of your subject. Eliminate superfluous details and emphasize what is most important to convey the general idea. This will allow you to work faster and achieve more impactful results.

The best thing is that all this can be done even in summer, outdoors, enjoying the garden or the bustle of the city center!

In my course: 30 days, 30 summer sketches , I have selected 30 quality references (from which the sketch above comes from!) that I will teach you to draw thanks to a variety of quick and easy sketching techniques!

I'll also show you how to cut to the chase so your sketches will grab attention in just 20 minutes each!

Click here to discover this perfect course for drawing summer!

See you tomorrow!

Florence xx


Jules Lapointe

J’apprécie tes conseil judicieux. Je n’ai pas pu utiliser mon pousse-mine car il était trop chaud. Je me reprendrai plus tard. Bonne journée.

France Boutour

Merci Florence pour ce travail de tous les jours!.


Merci beaucoup de l’échange et de son contenu😉😁👍🕊

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