How to easily start drawing?

But where to start in drawing?! 🤔

It seems that the question is unanimous, so get ready, I'm about to reveal a very powerful technique to start really simply! 😍

The answer ?

Make tutorials!...Yes…lots of tutorials!

Why will a tutorial easily lead you to mastering drawing? Simply because it will give you a clear direction to follow and will emphasize one technique at a time so that you can integrate it and reuse it later.

Don't waste hours looking for what to draw or how to draw… I've already planned everything for you!

All you have to do is focus on performing the steps and techniques to see some nice progress quickly!

By following tutorials, you can also offer yourself the comfort of learning at your own pace , and you can review the steps as often as you wish! And then, if you want variety, nothing prevents you from working on several tutorials at the same time! 😀

To progress in drawing, it is important to practice regularly . It may seem obvious, but it really is the key to becoming a good draftsman .

That said, you don't need to spend hours every time, even a few minutes a day can make all the difference! A tutorial will be an easy way to make pretty drawings in just 15 minutes ! 😱

What to feel a great satisfaction, to keep the motivation to continue, and to install a lasting routine!

Why don't you give it a try right now?

My Evasion Dessin magazine today offers you a nice free tutorial perfect for beginners who want to improve their drawing technique. This tutorial is easy to follow, with written instructions and tips to help you draw simple shapes !

Click here to find out how to draw a dreamy little girl in 15 minutes!

Remember that drawing is a practice that requires patience and perseverance. Don't be discouraged if your first drawings aren't perfect , it's part of the learning process and it's completely normal.

If you are convinced that the tutorials are made for you, know that my magazine Evasion Dessin will offer them to you every month in a beautiful paper format and colorful! You can find out by clicking here!

Good drawing!


Rosanne Topping

Florence est une excellente institutrice du dessin!


Je viens de commencer une séance de dessin la petite fille avec la tresse c est super cool merci pour ce moment agréable.


Peut ton avoir juste le magazine mais pas l’abonnement. Je fais déjà partie de ceux qui ont pris des cours avec toi depuis tes presque début et j’ai quelquefois besoin de reminder mais pas toujours de touts les cours ou tutos. Merci

Michel Cote

j’ai réussi les visages la jeune fille avec le loup , la fille en jupe , et le ptit garçon , et dernièrement le visage fille de profil , je suis fier de moi , il y a t’il un lien pour vous les envoyer , et dire ce que vous en pensé , ce serait ces deux sujets que je ferai , début 2022 j’avais fait les fleurs en peinture aussi réussis ,
Cordialement .
Michel .

Louyse Archambault

J’ai bien aimé l’exercice. Je fais actuellement le Cahier de portraits et j’aime.

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