Learn to draw with quick repetitions!

And if we were talking about the method of rapid repetitions?

The what??? There are two things here.

Repetition: You have to make it into a tabarouette! Full, full, full. From the same. It won't work if you keep changing the subject, because you're working on too many different things. So just, just, just faces (for a while like a few weeks at least!).

Quick: Did you know that our maximum concentration peak drops after 20 minutes? This means that if you do long projects for 2 hours, you learn much less well than if you do very short projects with breaks in between!

Here is a little video that will show you more concretely what I'm talking about!

The rapid reps method is particularly useful for improving your muscle memory, which is your brain's ability to remember how to draw a specific shape or object. The more you draw an object or a face, the stronger your muscle memory will be, which means you will be able to draw the object faster and more accurately in the future.

By using this method, you can also increase your drawing speed. Over time, you'll be able to draw shapes faster and more confidently, which can be really helpful if you want to be able to draw on the go! Imagine if you could draw a pretty portrait in just a few minutes? 😍

The rapid repetition method can be used to improve your creativity. By drawing quickly and experimenting with different drawing styles, you can discover new ways to draw objects and develop your own artistic style.

If you want to experiment with the rapid repetitions method applied to portraits, my "30 days of mini-portraits" method is exactly what you need! I let you click on the link below to discover it!

Discover the "30 days of mini-portraits" method!

See you soon!



Linda Nickner

Florence tu est magnifique et très généreuse de ton temps ,j’adore dessiné ce que tu nous apprend,Je pratique et j ’invente Ça me calme Merci encore tu nous explique très bien avec ta voix douce tu est inspirante.

Lydie MATI

Merci beaucoup non seulement pour votre disponibilité, mais également pour vos conseils qui constituent un
encouragement à mon envie
de devenir portraitiste.

Yseult Hamelin

Meri à vous pour vos bons conseils . J’apprécie vos cours gratuits qui me permettent d’avancer, n’ayant pas les moyens de m’abonner à vos cours . Merci aussi pour votre bonne humeur . C’est rare de nos jours !

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