Tutorial: Draw a woman's face

Do you dream of drawing a semi-realistic female face in a few simple steps? Then you are in the right place! Let's go!

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Start by drawing a circle that you will divide with a vertical line! It is your line of symmetry that will allow you to position the eyes on each side. Then draw a horizontal line right in the middle of the circle.

Then draw a square inside the circle. It has to be square, not rectangular, otherwise you will have a very flattened face! The top third that we see in the forehead and in the nose is exactly the same that we will have up to the chin.

Start by giving a general idea of ​​the forehead by slightly cutting the square. Then draw the jawline by drawing a semi-circle that goes through the cheekbones on each side. Then draw a curve that will have an opposite concavity to draw the jaw. The angle of the jaw normally arrives at the level of the mouth, between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin.

Then position the ears which come from the bottom of the nose to the top of the eyes. As we are going to draw a woman, we are going to have hair that will hide the top of the ears. At this point, you can erase your construction lines!

For the hair, just let yourself go by giving them the style of your choice! Rather than drawing the hair one by one, simply draw large sections that will follow the movement of the hair. Then take a 5B pencil and draw hair with a semi-realistic style, outlining the strands with a slightly more angular line. Also draw the neck and the top of the shoulders.

It's time to position the face elements!

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Start with the nose which is a central element, by drawing an oval. For the mouth, draw another oval as well. The sides of the nose coincide with the inner corner of the eyes. The width of the nose will be the same as that of the eyes. Then draw two slightly slanted ovals for the eyes.

For the nose, draw a circle in the middle of your oval, which will correspond to the tip of the nose! Then make two small circles on each side for the nostrils. Use an HB mechanical pencil for this part to be more precise! An eraser pencil will also allow you to sculpt the lines

For the mouth, the bottom lip line is exactly between the bottom of the nose and the chin! This will be the mark to position the top of the lips. For the middle line of the lips, do not draw a straight line, but rather try to give it relief. Then draw a thin contour line to go around the lips.

For the eyes, be careful to have symmetrical eyes! Once the outline of the two eyes is drawn, you can add the line of the eyelids and the irises inside. Take your 5B pencil again and trace each of the lines with a little more precision. Add some shadow under the top of the eyelid, and shadow in the white of the eye and on the iris. Darken the pupil in the middle of the iris as well. For the eyelashes, put only a few, 4 or 5 with fairly assumed shapes that will change angle depending on the position. Draw a few less shorter lashes below the eye.

For the eyebrows, give yourself a guide to their position and draw several pencil lines to give the direction of the hairs.

Erase the last guide lines and have fun styling your drawing! For the hair, you can use the “Hashing” technique with your 5B pencil, with shading at the hairline and between the strands with lines.

For the lips, you can use the HB lipstick to create a light, even gray shade with a slightly darker upper lip. For the nose, the part below will be shaded more, as well as the part of the crease of the eyelid! Draw shadows below the cheekbones as well to finish.

And There you go! You just made your first semi-realistic portrait :)

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See you on the other side :)

Florence xx

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