How to draw portraits simply!


Today, I'm talking about a technique that will allow you to make progress in portrait quickly !

Drawing a portrait can be a daunting task, especially at the very beginning of your apprenticeship. But don't worry, with the following technique, you'll be able to draw a portrait simply, confidently, and in no time!

But before revealing my technique, I share with you a video of a realistic portrait that I made in a park near my home in Montreal!

So, what is this famous technique? 😏

Simply start small by drawing mini-portraits !

And yes ! It was by starting like this that I was able to achieve results like the portrait you just saw on video! 😇

As the name suggests, mini-portraits are smaller than full-size portraits, which makes them less intimidating to start with ! This way, you'll be able to focus on the details of the face, without feeling overwhelmed by the size of the image. This can help you reduce stress at the beginning, and allow you to focus on basic skills , such as respecting the proportions of the face , but also the shape of the face!

In short, you will have understood, I am a big fan of mini-portraits which are in my opinion an excellent method to improve your skills in portraiture . They are less intimidating, you will be able to practice more often, improve your observation and develop your own artistic style.

And then, you have to admit, these mini-portraits are really cute and when you start, it's just impossible to stop! 😍

So, shall we start together?

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mini portrait drawings

See you soon !

Florence xx


Helene Girard

Tu es belle à voir, merci.

Serge Coté

Tu dessines tellement bien

Michele Hochin

Super ton portrait


Je t’admire bravo et merci

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