Why is the human body and its proportions so important in drawing?

Have you ever wondered why drawing the human body is such a fundamental discipline in learning to draw? In this article, today I'm going to explain four reasons why mastering the human body will really make a difference in your future drawings!

Improve your degree of realism thanks to a better understanding of the anatomy of the face and the body: 

Human anatomy is complex, but so captivating! To bring your drawings to life, it is essential to understand how the human body works as a whole. It is in this way that you will be able once and for all to grasp the proportions, the muscles, and the bones in a more precise way. A good understanding of all these concepts will allow you to see a huge difference in the quality of your drawings and your characters, which will look believable and more realistic!

You will be able to represent emotions through body language:

Imagine that one day, you want to represent a beautiful summer moment with your family. Your grandchildren busy running in a park, moments of joy during the last supper with your children… All of this will only be possible if you master body expression to convey the desired emotion. Gestures and postures play a major role in visual storytelling , allowing those who admire your drawings to fully feel the atmosphere you want to create.

Experiment with perspectives and angles:

The human body is a great opportunity to continue exploring perspectives and angles . By playing with different positions, points of view and movements, you will finally be able to create captivating visual effects . You know, those drawings that seem to jump off the page… By acquiring a good knowledge of human anatomy and thanks to the notions of reliefs, you will be able to create these impressive illusions and amaze those around you.

Continue to develop your personal artistic style:

Mastering the anatomy of the human body will give you an extra string to your bow to continue developing your personal artistic style. Once you know the rules, you can have fun breaking them and adding your personal touch to your creations.



Je suis avec Florence depuis le début (2020). Florence est une artiste complète, talentueuse et elle a une façon de nous expliquer ses techniques d’une façon si simple ! Elle est un professeur hors pair et avec elle, nous touchons à tout (art animalier, portrait, graphite, fusain, aquarelle, pastel, encre, acrylique, etc) et nous progressons rapidement. Avec elle, il n’y a jamais de « catastrophe « . On corrige, ou on passe tout simplement à autre chose en nous disant qu’on vient de faire une bonne pratique. Merci Florence 💖


Vive l’artiste et son art.!!!!merci beaucoup à Florence de m.avoir réveillé de mon sommeil…en fait j.aime dessiner et je mets généralement trop de temps pour finir un dessin…mais avec Florence je comprends que si je veux en moins de temps je peux réaliser beaucoup de choses et corriger également mes imperfections. Merci !!!!

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