How to draw a charcoal portrait?

Have you always wanted to know how to draw a realistic portrait entirely in charcoal? In this accelerated video, I share with you a work that I entirely realized with this medium.

Here, I will show you all the steps to draw a child's face! You will also see that first of all, learning the proportions of the face is fundamental! This will allow you to easily draw the eyes, nose and mouth afterwards, in the right places!

Once the proportions of your face have been established, you will have to represent shadow and light, and create realistic effects with pencil or charcoal!

Watch the video below to understand better!

Good viewing!


Lysa Gendron

Allo Florence et ton bonne fée… j’aimerais savoir si possible d’avoir le cours de la petite fille au fusain et l’oiseau de couleur… car le vidéo accélérer pas possible de faire… merci j’attends votre réponse bonne journée


Très jolis dessin !

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