Why Should You Absolutely Start Making Art, Even If You Think You Have No Talent.

Hello Art Lovers!

Dive into the world of art, and you will find a secret haven of health and wellness waiting for you. Whether you are wielding a paintbrush or soaking in a visual masterpiece, art has this superpower to zap stress right out of your life. Seriously, it's like your personal stress-busting superhero.


So, picture this: cortisol, the stress hormone, takes a nosedive when you immerse yourself in art. It's like art says, "Hey there, stress, take a chill pill!" But that's not all – art also unleashes these little warriors called endorphins.

These bad boys are the feel-good hormones that act as your trusty sidekicks, swooping in to tackle stress and even those pesky pains. Seriously, my favorite mornings are those where I get to teach or help my students as they work on their artistic creation. 


There is so much to art, just as the deep blue sea awaits the discovery of new creation. Art isn't just about colors on a canvas or shapes on a screen. It's about grabbing life with both hands and squeezing every drop of fulfillment out of it.

When you are creating or appreciating art, you're embracing a powerful sense of achievement that turns you into this vibrant, positivity-powered dynamo. Suddenly, you're not just living, you're thriving.


Art isn't just about pretty pictures; it's a secret recipe for a healthier, happier you. And guess what?

Art's like a personal trainer for your brain – it boosts dopamine, which is that high-five feeling your brain loves. It's like your mind's way of saying, "Hey, let's dance!"

And don't think art's only flexing mental muscles. It's like a master connector, making your memory, self-awareness, and deep thoughts hang out more often. Think of it as your brain's Wi-Fi getting a sweet upgrade.

Focus? Check. Problem-solving? Double check.

Art's like the ultimate brain gym, supercharging your ability to concentrate and tackle those brain teasers. It's not just about crafting pretty things; it's about crafting a smarter, sharper you. Work with brains, thus why having something to instruct you could be super time saving as well!

Oh, and let's not forget the age-defying perks. Creating art is like a time machine for your mind and body, making aging wait its turn. My secret recipe to how to stay young, a little secret ingredient that you can use, from me to you - wink wink 😊.

You might be thinking, "But I'm not an artist!"

Hold up, news for you. Art's not just about painting Picasso-level masterpieces. It's about letting your creative soul dance – whether it's in the kitchen, on a canvas, or through the lens of your camera. You're the boss, and art's your playground.


Ever felt that zone where time vanishes and stress becomes ancient history? That's the art magic at work. Creating art is like a VIP ticket to the world of "Bye-bye stress, hello baby!"

But here's the twist: art's not just for artists. Nope, it's for everyone. You, me, your neighbor's cat/dog – all of us have a creative spark waiting to burst into flames of expression.

So, let's debunk those myths. You don't need a paintbrush to be an artist. Art's a playground without rules, a space where you can be you. It's about unleashing your inner creator, no matter what form it takes.

Art's more than just lines and colors; it's a megaphone for your emotions.

Remember, the Beatles said it best: "All you need is love."

Well, add a splash of creativity, and you are golden! 

Feeling blue? Turn on the art switch. Seeking happiness? Art's your happiness hotspot. It's not about being the next Van Gogh; it's about finding your own rainbow in the storm.

And it's not just a mind trick. Art's like caffeine for your soul, a quiet space where you can meditate – strengthening your self-esteem, busting negativity, and sculpting personal growth. It's your therapy without the couch.

Ever wondered why you're so drawn to those brushstrokes, those lyrics, or that melody? It's not just you; it's science.

Art isn't just pretty; it's a happiness potion, a treasure chest of emotions.

So keep in mind, art isn't a solo gig. It's a concert where you're the rockstar and your audience spans the globe. With one creative spark, you can make waves that ripple through hearts and minds.


I sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

So do me a favor, instead of scrolling, start creating. Dive into the canvas of life and paint your story.

The art world's your oyster, and it's time to find your pearl of expression.

Ready to artify your life? It's showtime!

Yours creatively, Flo 😉✌️🌈



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